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energie booster

You all know about my love for pineapples ?😏🍍 SO I’m more than happy to start my new Fat burner Challenge Pineapple flavor with Natura Wellness. 

It’s a 28 days challenge and after only 10 days I already feel the effects and lost some weight 😍



Hey hey, if you want to be ready for your summer try the Summer body kit from @natura_wellness ! Smart drinks 100% natural, made in France 🇫🇷💙, gluten free and bio 🍓🍊🍑 (oh yes i know, all is about angle) 🤗😜



BIG CRUSH for the Superdrinks challenge from @natura_wellness

Superdrinks 100% natural, gluten free, bios and made in France 🇫🇷. They help you reach your goals with different challenges such as Slimness, wellness, beauty , detox etc

Very easy and convenient I personally started the “No snacking” challenge one month ago and I literally can’t stop it now 😋



Instagram testimonials 

A new life

Where to start? I was feeling so bad, depressed, complex and confident less because of my body imperfections. I discovered Natura Wellness through a friend who was testing the Fat burner Magic DrinkStick in a 28 days challenge. Her body change and her enthusiasm finally convinced me. After a 28 days fat burner challenge combined with the celluless I feel like I  am a different person in a different body. THANK YOU Natura Wellness !!!

Marie – From Paris 

Ourah ! I stopped snacking


SNACKING… my obsession, my nightmare, my guilty pleasure!!! At work, while watching TV, in my car, at 3am at night. Anyway I was addicted and I was snacking everything that was on my way (no joke).

Until I saw one of my colleague at office one day with those little weird packaging making a drink out of it. She said she literally stopped all the bad things in her life thanks to this drink (no more M&Ms, no more ice cream) so of course I decided to test who would not have.

After one month, I can tell that The Magic SuperDrinkStick “No snacking” has saved my life (and my body…and my work…and my marriage =)) 

Jessica – From London