The concept: 100% natural SuperDrinks 

The Natura Wellness Superdrinks have been created from natural elements that are gluten free, vegan, and bios such as the Hibiscus flower, the black Tea leaf extract, the prickly pear extract etc 

They have been formulated by nutritionists in collaboration with a pharmacist in order to match several objectives : Slimness, Wellness, Beauty and Detox. They come in different exotic and delicious flavors such as Peach, pineapple, Ginger, lemon etc

“The Superdrinks have changed so much my daily routines. I am now finally feeling well in my body “


Different Challenges for different objectives 

The Superdrinks have been made and packaged in Challenges format. Your objectives will determine what challenge to adopt and for what kind of results you can expect.

The 14 Days challenge 

It will be matching for a short term objective and an immediate effect. If we take the drainer as an example, it will help you detox your body after a heavy family meal or a big party with too many drinks and junk food. You will feel an immediate effect of wellness in your body.

The 28 days challenge

It will be matching with a mid term objective. For the Slimness Superdrinks for example, a daily and regular use will help you lose weight in a first time and stabilize and control your weight level in a second.

The 84 days Challenge 

It will be matching your long term objectives. Typically made for beauty goals (and Slimness) , a daily and regular use of SuperDrinks will help you get a beautiful and soft skin by removing all the impurities.

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